Photographer Barry Epstein Barry Epstein is a fine art photographer, businessman, medical imaging (echocardiographer) specialist and life sciences executive.

 He has compiled a photographic exhibit of landscape, architecture, transportation, and portraits taken from around the world since 1970.  Photographs have been taken from Paris, Russia, China, Singapore, Spain, Italy, New York, Alaska and many other locations.

Photographer Barry Epstein

Whether it’s looking through the camera lens or viewing a beating heart, for over 40 years Barry Epstein has developed a unique ability to see the esthetic beauty in nature and life.  His studies in biological sciences and echocardiography and a career as a medical imaging specialist and educator have provided him with a rare perspective on the world that has helped foster his passion for capturing an array of diverse images.  Barry has experienced how art and science can interweave – the technicality involved in producing real time Doppler ultrasound images to diagnose heart disease and the esthetic nature of exploring the wilderness and cities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThroughout his career in life science, he was instrumental in the development of a new diagnostic procedure for heart disease that is now the gold standard in the industry and used worldwide.  He is currently working on developing a molecular diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease and is a Vice President with a leading drug and biomarker discovery company – Proteomics International.

Barry has created award-winning educational films using computer and cell animation, and traveled extensively educating and promoting advancements in health technology.  During his work he has maintained a keen focus on the aesthetic qualities of medical imagery and was initially been strongly influenced by medical photographer, Lennart Nilsson as well as other more traditional master photographers such as Ernst Haas, Peter Lik, Edward Weston, Diane Arbus and Ansel Adams.  Barry has captured the processes and results of his medical developments both in still image and filBarry Epstein photographerm, bridging the gap between the supposedly empirical world of medicine and the expressive nature of photography.

While living in New York City, Alaska and Australia and travelling extensively across the world, Barry has nurtured a fascination for capturing the essence of life and the preservation of history and time in each of his photographic themes.  His explorations of remote and diverse territories in countries such as Australia, China, Russia, USA and Alaska have resulted in spectacular landscape photographs that express the timelessness and rugged nature of our Earth.  His photographs focusing on architecture deliver a sense of preserved time and reflect the impact that history has in the metropolitan landscape.  Barry combines the use of mannequins with human subjects while his transportation collection is largely black and white or pastel colored, playing with the idea of historical reflection.  In all of his work, Barry captures the small details of life, much like the viewing the anatomy and blood flow within the beating heart.

Barry’s dual passions of life science and photography have allowed him to follow his goals in providing better health outcomes on a global scale, while also capturing the beauty and wonder of the world in which we live.  He has received extensive accolades for his work within the healthcare industry and as a leading businessman in Australia.  He has co-authored a cardiology book and written several articles for industry journals.

He has exhibited his photographic collections in small galleries in Alaska, New York and Australia and his work is available for exhibit and sale via his website.